8th Grade Prep

Want to send your child to a Chicago Selective Enrollment High School?

Standardized test scores are the key to getting your child into one of these top schools. Today’s high school admissions process is more competitive than ever. Only 17% of students that apply are accepted into one of the Chicago Selective Enrollment High Schools. The average GPA for all Selective Enrollment High Schools is around 3.7, but even superior grades and great 7th grade standardized test scores do not guarantee acceptance.

Upcoming test prep courses:

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Saturday Mornings Aug. 19 – Oct. 7
(excl. Sep. 2)
10am – Noon 3047 N Lincoln Ave, 4th floor $499

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What We Offer:

Ace tutoring can give your child the boost he needs

Ace Tutoring gives 8th grade students the skills and tools needed to master the Selective Enrollment Exam, the Catholic High School Entrance Exams (HSPT, Terra Nova, etc), or the Private School Entrance Exams.  Our specially-designed sessions enable students to improve their results on the Math, Language Arts, Reading Comprehension and Verbal sections of the exam.  We help to increase self-confidence by giving students the knowledge that they will be able take the test in a more relaxed and assured manner.  In turn, the student can perform his best on test day! Ace Tutoring Services offers Full-length coursesOne-on-one private tutoring, and Small group classes. Please see the FAQ’s or contact us for more information. Ask us how you can save by combining a full-length course with private tutoring sessions.

All of our test prep programs include:

  • 24/7 access to your assigned Ace Tutor
  • Expert tutors whose students have repeatedly scored at or above the 90th percentile
  • Proven test-taking strategies that will help your child reach the upper percentile of all test takers
  • Comprehensive study materials that include practice tests

Full-Length Group Courses
What you get:

  • 6 interactive classroom sessions and 2 diagnostic tests (Pre-test and post-test)
  • Classes that meet at convenient locations across Chicago
  • Limited class sizes
  • Personalized attention from an experienced and professional tutor

Private Tutoring Sessions
What you get:

  • 6  two-hour intensive sessions and 2 diagnostic tests (pretest and post test)
  • Homework and a customized study plan designed to specifically focus on your child’s problem areas
  • Your choice of meeting places and times set to your schedule
  • Personalized attention from an experienced tutor

Small Group Tutoring
If your child benefits from the added motivation and teamwork that comes from working with 3 or 4 of their closest friends, then why not create your own small group class? What you get:

  • 6  two hour interactive sessions and 2 diagnostic tests (pretest and post test)
  • Personalized attention from an expert tutor and added motivation from working with a small group of peers
  • Your choice of meeting place and times set to your schedule
  • A customized study plan designed especially for your child’s group

About Chicago’s Selective Enrollment Exam: The Selective Enrollment Exam is part of the criteria for selection into Chicago’s Selective enrollment high schools.Eligibility to take the entrance examination is based on the student’s 7th grade standardized test scores in reading and mathematics. Admission is based on an application score that balances entrance exam results (worth 1/3 of the 900-point possible score) with 7th grade standardized test scores (1/3) and 7thgrade GPA (1/3).

About Chicago’s Catholic School Exam: The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools must offer their Entrance Exam on the same day. It is always the 2nd Saturday in January each year.  While most schools offer the High School Placement Test (HSPT), every school can offer a different test and maintain a different test policy.  Some schools may also require a short essay.  While researching schools, make sure you ask about their policies.  Please keep in mind that you MUST take the entrance exam at your desired school to be considered in the preliminary round.Admission to Catholic schools is based on 7th and 8th grade report cards, as well as 7th grade test scores, and the HSPT.